Comprehensive Advice
and Management

More than 20 years building dreams

We give concrete answers to your real estate needs

More than twenty years ago, we founded Vallés & París Immobles as a comprehensive family real estate service business. From the outset, we conceived this work from an eminently personal and individualised perspective.


Experience has taught us to remain by our customers to understand their housing needs and provide them with the solution they require.


We administer communities and manage rents, offering a comprehensive service that covers all needs in the area of property administration.


From experience we know that results are a consequence of a good job done, and we put all of our motivation into our customers’ needs.


Vallés & París Immobles manages a stable portfolio of rented properties, both dwellings and premises, covering a wide range of locations and types.



By your side during and after the process

We offer our service as a turnkey solution and assume all stages of the purchase and sale or rental process, from preliminary advice to after-sales support. Read more…

Administration of communities and property rental

Commissioning a professional to administer the community brings considerable savings in terms of time and worries, but also in unexpected expenses. We help to put your property out to rent with the best possible guarantees. Read more…

Purchase and sale of buildings

This is the most important economic operation we perform in our lives and it is therefore very important to benefit from the knowledge and advice of an independent professional to get the best conditions. Read more…

Management of your real estate worth

If you have real estate, you undoubtedly already know how important it is to manage it in the best way to maintain and increase its value. In Vallés&París Immobles we analyse your assets to make the most of your operations. Read more…

Superior architecture: projects and reformations

Our Technical Department has the staff, the qualifications and the means to develop constructive solutions based on creativity, quality and also practicality, both in small works and in a total reformation. Read more…

Processing and certification service

If you need to process or renew the certificate of occupancy or the energy certification, or simply want to carry out any kind of procedure around your property, we provide you with our administrative capacity to help you do so. Read more…