Our Technical Department has the staff, the qualifications and the means to develop constructive solutions based on creativity, quality and also practicality, both in small works and in a total reformation.

    • Projects and management of new building work.
    • Projects and management of refurbishments.
    • Ratings and surveys of buildings.
    • Reports, decisions, certificates.
    • Projects and management of reformation or extension, consolidation and demolition.
    • Building legalisation projects.
    • Used property occupancy certificates.
    • Application for used property occupancy certificate.

Vallés & París Immobles also offers a complete refurbishment service, from design to finish, always with completely trustworthy professionals and according to the highest quality demands. The service naturally includes all administrative processes with official bodies.

    • Work on rooftops, terraces, exterior facades, interiors, dividing walls,
    • Lift installations,
    • Elimination of architectural barriers.
    • Treatment of pathologies in structural elements using the most innovative systems.